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ALA provides free classes which prepare students for entering the workforce, training programs, college or taking the GED® Test. To learn more about the GED® Test, please access the GED Training and Testing tabs. Students with a high school diploma or GED, qualify for our classes if they wish to improve or ”brush up” their academic skills.


GED® Training

ALA provides free GED® preparation classes during the day and evening at various locations in Beaver County. Students can work one-on-one with a tutor as available. Some students may qualify to take free GED® classes online through the Pennsylvania Distance Learning Project. Testing in our office is required to enroll in all of these classes.


GEDReady® Practice Test

ALA students are provided the opportunity to take a free GEDReady® Test , the official practice test which normally costs $24. The GEDReady® Test will indicate how likely the student is to pass the actual test. After the practice test is complete, a customized study guide can be created for each student.



The GED® test is a four-part computerized test. The four test subject areas are: Reasoning through Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Math. The cost to the student for each test component is $30 and the total cost of the test is $120. Students may take one test component at a time and, once a subject area is passed, that subject will not need to be retaken.


For additional information on the GED® test, click here.


Skills Brush up

Adults with a high school diploma or GED can attend ALA classes in order to “brush up” or improve their reading and math skills in order to be better prepared for college, training programs or the workforce.


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