Our students need your help, and you can make a significant contribution to their success. For the volunteer, there is nothing quite like the feeling of helping someone succeed.

To volunteer, please call 724-773-7810 or send email to info@AdultLiteracy.org.

Volunteers work with adult students teaching basic reading, math, and other skills to prepare students for the GED® Test, entering the workforce, or for post-secondary education/training.


There are two related, but slightly different, volunteer opportunities.

  1. Classroom Aide – This is how most volunteers begin. Classroom Aides work under the guidance of an ALA Instructor in an ALA regularly-scheduled class. Classroom Aides are assigned by the ALA Instructor to work with a student on a specific skill such as math or reading.  Classroom Aides are trained by the ALA Instructor on the topics covered.
  2. Tutor – These volunteers work one-on-one with students. Tutors and their students meet in a public location, many times at the ALA locations or public libraries, and the tutor determines the materials to study in each session based on tutor training, books, and websites.  Tutors are trained by observing the Tutor Coordinator for several sessions.

The table below details the differences between the two volunteer positions.

Area/Position Classroom Aide Tutor
Training provided Yes Yes
Schedule Based on ALA class schedule Mutually agreeable times between Tutor/Student
Meeting place ALA location Mutually agreeable public location or ALA location
Creates lesson plan Provided by ALA Instructor Tutor sets lesson plan
Security clearances Not applicable Required. See FAQ below.
4-yr degree or enrolled in 4-yr degree Not applicable Required


FAQs  (click question to see answer)

?In which areas do students usually need help?

?How are volunteers and students matched?

?When do students start?

?How many days per week do students attend class?

?How many students are usually in a class?

?What level of math is required?

?What security clearances are required for tutors?

?How many hours are expected each week?

?Does ALA need volunteers in other areas?


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